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October 6, 2016: Comsol Boston 2016 Keynote Talk

We are delivering a keynote talk at the Comsol Boston 2016 Conference. We will discuss the numerical simulation of microfluidic phenomena which range from fundamental academic research to development and design of commercial products. Notable commercial applications include inkjet print heads, genomic and proteomic chips, chemical laboratories on a chip, cell sorters, and many others.

We will highlight research programs and commercial projects of interest and will be available over the course of the conference to discuss methods, techniques, and next steps.

The list of keynote talks at the Comsol Boston 2016 Conference is found at the following URL:



April 23, 2015: Comsol Webinar Series Presentation

We are giving an invited webinar presentation for the Comsol Webinar Series on Thursday, April 23, 2015. We will discuss several technologies we have developed, then give a step-by-step instructional sequence detailing how to implement a high-speed microfluidic valve in Comsol 5.1. Comsol was used to develop the described valve and its dynamics, which are now implemented in a commercially available device.

The webinar can be viewed at the following URL:


October 7-9, 2015: Attending the Boston Comsol Conference

We will be attending the Boston Comsol Conference this year and will maintain a display booth in the poster presentation area. Please stop by to discuss potential collaborations, technology development, Comsol tips/tricks or any topic of interest. We have a long history of Comsol application development and enjoy discussing engineering approaches with others at the event.

More info regarding the conference is found at:

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