Custom Simulation Applications

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Our first step for developing custom simulation applications is to capture the relevant physics with respect to the necessary input and output parameters within a single model. We often provide the relevant solution set or raw model to the client for documentation purposes and to allow ongoing analysis on-site. If the modeled space is of reasonable size, we can provide a packaged set of all solutions which can be interrogated by on-site engineers for online use or offline analysis. If the modeled space is large, we can provide the raw physical model and solver for on-site engineers.

Custom application packages can be command-line or GUI driven. We are experienced in developing software APIs of various forms and can build-out applications as needed. One popular approach is to provide a Matlab-based GUI which gives immediate accessibility via the GUI interface. We find this approach provides immediate convenience but also allows engineers to reach more deeply into specific details using the Matlab command line and associated visualization tools.

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