Multiphysics Simulation and Analysis

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The Scientific Team at Numerical Design Inc. has extensive experience conducting professional scientific research and analysis. Our core expertise is Numerical Simulation and Analysis of multiphysics systems. This includes the design, development, and implementation of multiphysical system models. We then provide the associated analysis and make recommendations based on the numerical results.

We routinely participate in large scale design projects by developing novel technical designs, core intellectual property, as well as incrementally improving pre-existing systems. We find that our physical analysis and system simulation techniques routinely become central to the overall design process. In such arrangements, we work very closely with the core engineering group and often participate and contribute beyond the original project scope.

We often find that physical modeling of engineering projects can contribute significantly to the identification of unexpected technical issues. However, the modeling approach can often provide the necessary information to resolve and develop the associated technical solutions. In addition to technical analysis, we often contribute new experimental approaches, add high-level perspective, and participate in the technical aspects of product development.

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