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Numerical Design Inc. provides customer-driven solutions to complex problems. We specialize in solving problems that involve multiple physical phenomena which interact through non-standard or non-linear couplings. NDI serves a variety of high-tech industries that require resolution of pressing technical issues in a time-critical manner. We are a Comsol Certified Consultant.

Multiphysics Simulation and Analysis

The Scientific Team at Numerical Design Inc. has extensive experience conducting professional scientific research and analysis. Our core expertise is Numerical Simulation and Analysis of multiphysics systems. This includes the design, development, and implementation of multiphysical system models. We then provide the associated analysis and make recommendations based on the numerical results.
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Custom Simulation Applications

When developing new engineering applications, we first capture the relevant physics with respect to the necessary input and output parameters. If the modeled space is of reasonable size, we can provide a packaged set of all solutions which can be interrogated by on-site engineers for online use or offline analysis. If the modeled space is large, we can provide the physical model and solver for use by on-site engineers.
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Custom Physics Models for User Implementation

We develop and provide custom physics models which can be implemented on site.
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Expert Witness and Patent Validation

We provide Expert Witness and Patent Validation services for cases requiring Technical Evaluation or Intellectual Property Evaluation.
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COMSOL Training

Numerical Design Inc. has more than 6 years of experience teaching COMSOL-related classes. We offer a variety of training options.
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